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Who Used Signs to Transform Their Business

Polly’s Parlor

“There is no question whatsoever that my new Gulf Development sign has made a difference in my business. About 75% of new customers indicated they came in because of my sign. One woman I asked regarding what brought her into my store said, “Oh, definitely your sign. We drove in late last night, and when I saw the sign, I told my husband we weren’t leaving town the next day until I had checked out ‘Polly’s Parlor’.”
– Pauline Jensen from Polly’s Parlor
Pauline Jensen, Polly's Parlor

 The Daily Grind

“I am writing to let you know how much of a difference your sign has made in our business. Since it’s installation on November 1, 2001, we have seen an increase in sales of 14%.”
-Rebecca Gentry from The Daily Grind
Rebecca Gentry, The Daily Grind

Captain 9’s Restaurant

“I recently purchased one of your signs for my business, and I have already noticed an increase in customers. My business has increased in the past four days by 40%! Many people stop in and say to me” I never knew you had sandwiches,” or “wow, pizza and ice cream?” it has really been a great promotion, and I am hoping by winter it will be my main help with attracting customers.”
-Charles Zechar from Captain 9’s Restaurant
Charles Zechar, Captain 9's Restaurant

Beckie’s Place

“I had my doubts about the results I would get. But I am simply amazed. The sign is working for me. I am at least 30 to 40% busier than before!”
-Rebecca Williams from Beckie’s Place

Rebecca Williams, Beckie's Place

Baker’s Locksmith

“The first day that our sign was up we had at least three new customers who commented on the sign and told us that they had no idea that we were here. Since the sign has been up, our shop customers has increased by about 40%.”
-Ronald Baker from Baker’s Locksmith

Ronald Baker, Baker's Locksmith

All for Paws

“Let me tell you how much of a difference a new sign has made for our business. Even after several months of the new sign, we are still getting new customers coming in because they saw our sign. Our business grew 200% in one month’s time!”
-Heidi Brehmer from All for Paws

Heidi Brehmer, All for Paws

TJ Automotive

“Always easy and pleasant with Gulf Development! I have ordered for years and will continue to order for years to come. Thank you Gulf Development for providing quality products, prompt service and amazing customer service!”
– Thomas J. from TJ Automotive

Thomas J., TJ Automotive

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