Successful auto dealers, used car and automotive sales lots know that proper businesses signage is needed in order to attract and generate new customers. In the pre-owned car sales industry a high percentage of new customers go to a location to buy a car because they either saw the sign as they passed by, or they remember the location from signs they previously viewed. People tend to “go where they know!” Most potential buyers prefer to buy a car from a location they feel they are familiar with even it is only through past advertising. Not having the proper location and brand signage can negativity impact the bottom line.


Gulf Development knows how to make auto dealers location stand out and be more visible and memorable through professional outdoor and LED signage. A Gulf Development sign conveys to customers who you are, and increases the trust level of your brand. Professional signage delivers an instant and memorable message to potential customers which can be seen from a distance.


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Over the years, the avenues for advertising have increased for auto dealers along with the increase in new technology. While this is true nothing beats having professional outdoor signage for your location and sales lot. Any well-rounded automotive sales advertising plan will include the use of powerful and effective signage. Do not miss out on advertising to any potential drive-by customers 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year. Contact Gulf Development today and see what we can do to get your business noticed.