There are plenty of small businesses like restaurants and retail store that do not believe they need an “expensive looking” sign to increase business. These business owners seem to feel that it is possible to get all the public exposure they need simply through word of mouth. This is the fate which befell a local restaurant recently. The owners believed they had a steady clientele which did not need a big sign to find the restaurant. The problem was, even though their regular guests could find them, no one else could. This included friends of the regular guests who were meeting them for a meal. When Gulf Development reviewed the location they even found that in order to give proper direction people found it necessary to explain the restaurant was located next to a paint shop.

Word of Mouth (WOM) advertising is one of the best form of generating new business; WOM is also the Slowest form of advertising…

No matter how long you have been in business, you can always benefit from the increased visibility that proper signage provides. During the Gulf Development review, this was proven after the local restaurant invested in a $6,000 sign from the sign company. The highly visible V-shaped sign they invested in allowed their business to realize an increase in business which was substantial (16% increase in profit) within the first year. This increase only got better the second year by increasing business another 32%. This means the local restaurant was able to realize a huge return on the investment of the signage they installed. This made the difference between a stagnant break even business, and a restaurant that was growing financially. This review clearly points to the importance of having the right sign for your business location. Not only will it be easier to find your business, but it will attract new clients more often to stop in and see what you have to offer!

Proper outdoor advertising and signage should never cost your business money, it should make you money. The investment in a good sign is a onetime investment, but the return on that investment last a lifetime. The sign keeps driving new business toward your door year after year.