Professional Business Signage for Beauty Salons & Hair Cutting Locations

Business signage is a critical element to generate new customers for Beauty & Hair Salon locations. Walk-in customers account for a large percentage of your businesses overall revenue. Many beauty salons & hair cutting locations rely on these walk-in customers to make sales quotas and establish a larger client base.

Gulf Development helps beauty salons & hair cutting locations make more money by providing highly visible professional business signage to target their customers. The Gulf Development line of signage immediately communicates exactly who you are, and more importantly, what you do. The signs at your location have to deliver your message instantly, and to be visible from a distance. The following Gulf Development products helps beauty & hair businesses generate more revenue:

Professional Outdoor Signs for Beauty Salons & Hair Cutting Locations: Gulf Development offers hundreds of sign size and assembling options for your location. Outdoor signs can be assembled directly on your building, or on a pole. The brilliant illumination and vibrant full color graphics on our signs create a highly visible advertisement that will pull in new customers before they pass by. This is particularly important to new locations which haven’t established their presence in the area where they’re located.

Outdoor LED Signs & Electronic Message Centers: digital signage proves to be one of the most effective methods to communicate directly to the mass market. Affordable and easy to use, LED signs can be seen from a great distance, making them perfect for beauty salons & hair cutting locations in strip malls. Gulf Development manufactures outdoor digital signage that ranges from monochrome LED signs to color displays, and even full motion video monitors! These message centers can be assembled on a building, a pole, or even a remote location.

Window and Interior Signage: Gulf Development has developed an entire line of indoor signage for your business location. We offer both illuminated and programmable LED signs that fit easily on a window, on a wall, or over a beautician’s work station. Beauty salons & hair cutting shops use this type of signage to direct new customers to other services and sale items. Beauticians use the highly visible message centers to remind potential customers to purchase hair care products to use at home or to take on trips. Many businesses use Gulf Development window signage to enhance their outdoor advertising program.

There are numerous options to promote your products and services throughout the year. You just need to make sure you have the proper sign for your beauty salon or hair cutting shop. Don’t let potential customers pass by without knowing where you are! Instead, make them think about you on a regular basis. When they DO need to get that special hair cut, you will be the top of their mind because they saw your sign! If you’re ready to put your business in front of the public and secure your share of new customers, let Gulf Development design a sign to get you noticed!

Gulf Development Testomonial

Dear Gulf Development:

We are overjoyed with our new sign. We recently moved to our present location which is one block off the main road, our dedicated clients had a hard time finding us the first month so I am sure we were not seen by new clients. Within the first week we had 15 new clients walk into our salon. We continue to grow our business everyday thanks to you!


Jessica A. Newbauer
Hair Gallery Salon & Spa
Sartell, MN