Professional pawn shops know they need to have great local visibility and marketing in order to attract new loan customers and buyers. While great deals may get the attention of some, you are more likely to attract a wider variety of people when you have a professional image. The better the outdoor advertising, the more clients and customers. This is basis for local pawn shop success.

Use Signage To Communicate With Potential Customers

One of the main reasons that signs (and other forms of marketing) are so important for pawn shops is because of the opinions of the pawn industry that people may already have, and the way that they are portrayed. When you hear about pawn shops in the movies or in a book they can be portrayed as unscrupulous. This is not an accurate portrayal of most professional pawn shops. This is the place you go when you require short term financing and you can not find any where else to secure it. Or when you are looking for deals on all kinds of equipment, musical instruments, jewelry and even antiques that have a wonderful history. There are many positives aspects to a pawn shop that many people do not see unless your branding and image display them.

One of the things that professional signage can show is that your the business caters to upscale clients and have luxury items. A sign can make you feel welcomed and more relaxed rather then feeling tense and as though you do not belong in that shop. A pawn shop can give you deals that you would not be able to find anywhere else and where you may not be able to find as wonderful a deal any other time in your life. Many people have found amazing items that they hold precious to them at pawn shops.

You can have all types of signs for your pawn shop. You can have one that says simply the name and gives some small bit of information, you can have one that says your name and even says something that will catch their eye such as “Where you can buy your own piece of history.” A sign is a purchase that need only be made once and which can have much more extensive returns.

With well designed exterior, window and LED signage your pawn shop can be a place that any person would like to go and where any person can find a wonderful deal on an item that can keep close to their heart for the rest of their life. The right sign can make the world of difference to generating more walk-in customers and more business selling items to you or buying items from you. You can show people that your pawn shop is an intelligent place to go and a place where you can find all types of wonders.

Gulf Development Customer Review

Since we have has our sign displayed in our window we have enjoyed a lot of positive feedback. We have been in business for 40 years and are well known throughout our community. Most of our customers have done business with us for quite a few years but I will say they have noticed the sign. Some of the new customers we talked with noticed on the sign that we were a Pawn Broker and decided to stop in since several had never been in a pawnshop before. Also the ability to advertise our specials and remind people that they can buy items from us at a reduced price is very nice. Overall I am happy with the sign. I chance it frequently to advertise various items I want to have on special and to let people know who we are. The money that is invested in the sign really equals out to only a few ads on TV or Newspaper. When broken down the sign is a lot better value for our advertising dollar.

Mary Hatfield
Del-Rich Co.